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St. Anthony Catholic School prides itself on providing a high-quality, Catholic education for as many students as possible.  However, in order to ensure the highest level of student success, there must be an application process.   We pride ourselves on being honest and efficient during this process and we will work with each family to make sure that your child will be part of the St. Anthony family for years to come.

Step #1- We are happy that you are considering a Catholic education for your family. We understand that the admission process begins with prayerful discernment from your family and that the school must be the right fit for your child and family. As you consider the factors that go into this decision, we invite you to come and experience St. Anthony Catholic School by taking a tour of the campus. To set up your tour, call the office at 843-662-1910.

Step #2- The second step in the admission process will be filling out the application.   You can pick up an application in the school office or print it off right here.   Application   There is a $50 application fee to process all applications for new students.

Step #3- After we have received your application, the school office administrator will work with you to secure all necessary documents for admission.   This could include records from previous schools, birth certificates, etc.

Step #4-  Once we have received all of the documentation that we need, Mr. Hamner will review the file and send a letter of acceptance for each student.

Admissions into St. Anthony Catholic School is open to any qualified students of all faith backgrounds without consideration of race or nationality.