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Parishioner Tuition Rate


As a parish school, we are blessed to have the support of our Pastor and the parish community in our efforts to make a Catholic education affordable to all who seek it. Each year St. Anthony Parish provides a generous subsidy to the school which allows tuition to be set at a lower rate for parishioners. In effect, each Catholic student receives a “scholarship” from St. Anthony Parish. This remarkable and sustained financial commitment to Catholic education is a precious gift that allows as many students as possible to obtain a Catholic education. To qualify for the Catholic Parishioner Rate, families must be active registered members of the parish. A parish verification form needs to be completed at the time of registration. Families that are new to St. Anthony School and are members of another parish must obtain a letter from their Pastor certifying their status as active parishioners in order to qualify for the parishioner tuition rate. 

Financial Assistance


As part of our commitment to provide a quality Catholic education to any student who desires it, St. Anthony Catholic School seeks to provide need-based annual financial assistance to qualifying families. Application for tuition assistance is made via FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. To request financial aid, please thoroughly complete and submit your online application.

Please see the following information about completing the Grant and Aid Application through FACTS.

FACTS Grant and Aid Application

1. You will either need to use information from an established Family Portal Account or you will need to create an account.
2. Sign In with your Family Portal Account or Create an Account at FACTS Grant & Aid Application and follow the step-by-step instructions for completing the application.
3. You will need the following documents to complete the application process: 
  • copies of your most recent Federal tax forms including all supporting tax schedules
  • copies of your most recent W-2 forms
  • copies of supporting documentation for social security income, welfare, child support, food stamps, workers' compensation, and TANF if applicable.
If you are in need of financial assistance for the upcoming school year, please review our financial aid options and deadlines.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not automatically receive aid for the upcoming year if you received aid this year. Applications are required for each school year.

If the financial aspect of your child's education becomes a concern at any time, please contact the school office to discuss your situation with Mrs. Galemmo.

4K First Steps Application

Prepare Your Child for Success in Kindergarten

First Steps 4K is accepting applications for FREE 4-year-old kindergarten!

Before proceeding make sure to have the following documents ready to upload. You can save them to your computer or phone, or use your phone camera to take a picture and upload it into the application.

  • Child's Certified Birth Certificate- Must be four-years-old on or before September 1 of the school year you are applying to.
  • One Proof of SC residence - Current SC Driver's License, State-Issued ID, current utility bill or signed rental/mortgage agreement
  • Income verification - Child’s Medicaid card or Letter of Eligibility, OR family SNAP card, OR household income documents

Apply Here

Education Scholarship Trust Fund Application

Apply Here

Enrollment 24-25