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Parishioner Tuition Rate

As a parish school, we are blessed to have the support of our Pastor and the parish community in our efforts to make a Catholic education affordable to all who seek it. Each year Saint Anthony Parish provides a generous subsidy to the school which allows tuition to be set at a lower rate for parishioners. In effect, each Catholic student receives a “scholarship” from Saint Anthony Parish. This remarkable and sustained financial commitment to Catholic education is a precious gift that allows as many students as possible attain a Catholic education. To qualify for the Catholic Parishioner Rate, families must be active registered members of the parish. A parish verification form needs to be completed at the time of registration. Families that are new to Saint Anthony School and are members of another parish must obtain a letter from their Pastor certifying their status as active parishioners in order to qualify for the parishioner tuition rate. 

Financial Assistance

The Saint Anthony Parish Finance Committee awards all financial aid scholarships that are approved by the Pastor.  Financial aid may be awarded to qualifying families who have children in Kindergarten (5K) through eighth grade. The amount of money available for the financial assistance program is stipulated each year by the Pastor. Families needing more information or wish to apply for financial aid need to contact the Principal at (843) 662-1910.


Family Recruitment Incentive

Existing families may earn a recruitment discount when they recruit a new family to Saint Anthony Catholic School. A discount of $500.00 will be given for students enrolling in Pre-School through Eighth Grade.  Discounts are given for each family that has been recruited, providing they have completed the entire enrollment process.