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 - We believe that Jesus Christ is the foundation of our Catholic school communities and the center of everything we do.
- We believe that Catholic Schools should provide, through example and instruction, a community in which students experience faith and hope that witness the Gospel values of Jesus Christ.


- We believe parents and guardians are an essential element of the school community and we recognize parents' rights as their children's primary educators.

- We believe respect and dignity begin with self in the context of family and extend to others in the community.


 - We believe each student is a child of God with unique intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, and emotional needs.
- We believe children should be stimulated, encouraged, and inspired in the acquisition of skills as well as a desire for lifelong learning.
- We believe that training students in divine worship, musical, theatrical, and other artistic performance, and athletics will help them to glorify God in their bodies.


- We believe that by providing meaningful opportunities to serve the community, our students will develop a desire to respond to the needs of others.
- We believe service to the community is rooted in our love for God and motivates us to love one another.

Enrollment 24-25